Romantism and its interpretations as a prelude to modernity

27-28 September 2018



September 27th (Thursday)

11 a.m.

Marta Leśniakowska (Institute of Art of the Polish Academy of Sciences)
How to Recognise Romanticism When You See It?

Lech Trzcionkowski (Institute of Religious Studies, Jagiellonian University)
The Roots of Contemporary Religious Studies: between the Enlightment and Romanticism

Piotr Juszkiewicz (Institute of Art History, Adam Mickiewicz University)
Romanticism/Modernism. August Cieszkowski and Witold Lutosławski

Jacek Jaźwierski (Institute of Fine Arts, Jan Kochanowski University)
Contemplative Model of Viewer’s Communion with Paintings: Friedrich – Kandinsky – Rothko


| 2 p.m. – 3 p.m.  – a break |

Łukasz Kiepuszewski (Institute of Art History, Adam Mickiewicz University)
A Painter’s Case. Nietzsche and Delacroix

Michał Haake (Institute of Art History, Adam Mickiewicz University)
Romanticism, Post-secularism and Jacek Malczewski

Aleksandra Skrabek (Galeria Labirynt)
Contemporary Phenomenon of Warburg’s Reception


September 28th (Friday)

10 a.m.

Magdalena Kunińska (Institute of Art History, Jagiellonian University)
From Romantic Conceptualism to National Totem. Romanticism as a Foundation of Contemporary Identity of Russian Art

Marcin Pastwa (Institute of Art History, Catholic University of Lublin)
Northern Shadows Flitting across a Southern Landscape

Ryszard Kasperowicz (Institute of Art History, University of Warsaw)
Der Fall Novalis